Important lesson from road trip


My sister and I went to some craft shows in Erie, Pa., recently. On the way home, my sister stopped to get a peanut butter pie for a party the next day. We were happy, had a fun day, but those feelings were about to change.

As she went into the store, I waited in the car watching the traffic. I see this van, it says, “No dogs left behind.” I thought it was Erie’s dog warden. Little did I know then what I was going to find out.

So my sister gets her pie and we head down the Thruway, now we need gas. We stop at a truck stop and while at the pumps I see people walking dogs, lots of dogs. I say, “Go over there, what’s the deal?”

There was not one van I had just seen, but several vans and cars too. I could see the dogs were beautiful but scruffy at the same time.

I called a guy walking a dog over to the car. He said they were coming from a shelter where they euthanize the animals in another state and were taking them to an adoption shelter in Canada. He also said they do this every weekend.

The vans and cars were packed with dog carriers. There were all kinds of puppies and adult dogs. I had never seen anything of this magnitude, it brought me to tears.

Please support your local shelter. I personally donate items from home for resale to support our local shelter. I have heard our society called “the disposable society.”

Please don’t treat your pets as disposables. Please, please get your animals spayed or neutered. Females get spayed, males get neutered.

Have a great day, continue the conversation.




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