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Transparency lacks on some projects


It’s no secret the construction industry has gained — even earned — a dubious reputation. Lack of transparency, wasteful spending, and unfair labor practices, to name a few. While this may not apply to responsible contractors, (yes, they do exist) it comes as no surprise that there are crooks. Unfortunately, we the taxpayers, are doubly compensating them for their scams. The most egregious of which is tax fraud. As Tax Day took place recently, I asked the question: Why do we award thieving contractors with our taxpayer dollars all the while they are robbing our communities blind?

Cheating employers steal nearly a billion dollars in wages every year while governments lose $8.4 billion in taxes. What’s worse is that 39 percent of construction worker families rely on public assistance to make ends meet, while these swindler contractors are buying second homes.

Public construction projects are supposed to lift our community, not burden it.

These lost tax dollars could be used to support our schools, libraries, and athletic programs, improve our roads, and even help our veterans. When it comes to unscrupulous contractors, we are under attack by the rampant tax fraud and wage theft that is plaguing the industry.

It’s time for us to protect our law-abiding contractors and ourselves. The lack of oversight by public enforcement agencies is hurting our communities. We must hold those accountable who award and monitor these taxpayer-funded projects. Be an active part of the solution: attend meetings, write letters, make phone calls and stop the tax fraud.

To join this effort, visit StopTaxFraud.net.


Millwrights Local Union 1163


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