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by county action


I am embarrassed and ashamed of the actions of County Executive PJ Wendel and the Legislature. The exception being Legislator Tom Nelson, who apparently paid attention in History class.

As a child, I remember listening to uncles and grandfather speak about “NINA” — No Immigrant Need Apply — signs on business!

After the war in Europe, I heard my own father complaining about Central European immigrants, taking “our” jobs! Of course then there were Koreans, Vietnamese, Middle eastern immigrants! The list goes on and on.

Perhaps Anglo-saxons were afraid that what they did to Native America, as immigrants, may happen to the currant occupants of “Land of the free, Home of the brave! I see no Native American names listed in the Legislature!

Then of course there is the reminder of “the homeless,” made by Legislator David Wilfong. Always a battle cry? Mr. Wilfong, you have been in office 10 years! Why haven’t you done something about the homeless and the veterans?




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