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Saddened’ by verdict opinion


As someone who has twice had the privilege of serving on a jury, I was saddened to read U.S. Rep. Nick Langworthy’s recent press release on the verdict in the Trump trial (https://langworthy.house.gov/media/press-releases/langworthy-statement-verdict-trump-trial ).

Langworthy alleges that “a corrupt prosecutor, a corrupt judge, and a corrupt jury conspired to undermine our democracy in a manner more fitting of a banana republic than the United States of America.”

Both times I served as a juror, I took my responsibilities very seriously and was impressed with how my fellow jurors were doing the same. I have seen nothing to suggest that the jurors in President Donald Trump’s case were behaving any less responsibly toward the evidence and instructions they were given.

If Congressman Langworthy has any actual evidence to support the charges of corruption and conspiracy he levels against these twelve anonymous jurors, I urge him to present it immediately. If not, I believe he owes a prompt and public apology to the 12 citizens he has so recklessly maligned simply for performing their civic duty.

Only after Nov. 5 will we know whether Mr. Langworthy is correct that the people will “vote to send Trump back to the White House.” But I hope on that date my fellow citizens of the 23rd Congressional District will agree that Congress, like juries, needs members who can commit to being responsible citizens first and political partisans second.

Langworthy’s unsupported and potentially dangerous allegations against 12 individuals he doesn’t even know make it clear he is not suited to either task.



Set priorities for waterfront


I have a couple of comments.

The Hero banners, which were a source of controversy before Memorial Day, are symbols of community pride and a “feel good” item. It’s something for local residents to celebrate. They are not a draw to our community.

I would suggest a volunteer force be formed for this sort of program. No one needs to be “outraged.” They need to step up and support community projects. More than 200 banners are wonderful, but it does take man hours to place them.

A second concern is the Break wall proposal. I am not an engineer or an elected official. I am not even sure if the area being discussed is the wall at the beach or the actual break wall in the water.

There are many organizations, in the north county and close by, that are always looking for a spot for a memorial! Why not a Memorial Breakwall? This could open the door for funding from many directions.

It could also include contributions from the community, such as cornerstones, benches, plantings and other items.




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