Twenty years ago — 1998

In 1843, there were only 23 states in the union and the Gold Rush was six years away. On July 16, 150 years ago, the village of Gowanda was founded, exactly one month and 16 days after the village of Silver Creek just 20 miles down the road. The Gowanda Sesquicentennial Celebration, two years in the making, is currently honoring the village’s founding, with a parade consisting of 2,500 participants, 11 marching bands, 35 theme floats and 40 volunteer fire companies taking part. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performed the opening ceremonies. Festivities include Mark Schindler’s old-fashioned street dance, a carnival, petting zoo and birthday cake for 1,000 people.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Michael Symans, son of Mrs. Frances Symans, Lake Shore Drive East, and David Symans, 4 Taft Place, Dunkirk has been named a United States National Collegiate Award winner in physics. Mr. Symans, a cooperative engineering student, just completed his junior year at Fredonia State University College and will transfer to the State University of New York at Buffalo in the fall to study civil engineering. He was nominated for the award by Michael Grasso, a professor at Fredonia State. His name will appear in the United States Achievement Academy Official Collegiate Yearbook, published nationally.

Forty years ago — 1978

A resolution may be in sight for the city of Dunkirk in its problems with the federal Housing and Urban Development department and the Relate Development Co. of New York City in the controversial 100-unit housing project initially planned for St. Mary’s Meadows. If a settlement can be worked out, the city would once again be on the receiving end of federal grant funds, monies recently cut off because of the city’s refusal to allow the housing units to be erected at the St. Mary’s Meadows site.

Fifty years ago — 1968

One of Fredonia’s most prized possessions is its twin parks, known as Barker Commons, located in the center of the village. A comfortable and convenient place to rest and meet friends, the parks this year have gone an extensive facelifting operation. The latest step came when workers installed the recently repaired sculpture top to the fountain in the west park of the common. The sculpture was damaged in the spring during a tree removal operation and at one time was thought to be a total loss. Insurance covered the cost of repairs to the fountain.