Twenty years ago — 1998

The town of Dunkirk was recognized in the summer issue of ONLINE, the quarterly newsletter of Seaway Trail Inc., for creating the trail’s first Scenic Byway Overlay District. The purpose of the SBO District — included in the new zoning code adopted by the town board last April — is to protect resources and aesthetic quality along the town’s section of the Seaway Trail. One of the best features of the town of Dunkirk is the waterfront along Route 5.

Thirty years ago — 1988

The 1938 eighth-grade class of the former St. Hedwig’s School in Dunkirk recently held a reunion, first assembling for a 5 p.m. Saturday Mass at the parish church. Participating in the Mass were Stanley Korzeniewski, lector; Martha Pawelczak Bialaszewski, commentator; and Helen Siembieda Smoczynski and Helen Halicki Ostrye, gift bearers. Following dinner in the banquet room of the Vineyard Restaurant, the group recalled their school days and sang songs.

Forty years ago — 1978

Triangle Shoe is interested in buying its building at 308 Central Ave., Dunkirk from the Dunkirk Urban Renewal Agency, but the company president still wants the agency to pay for renovation work. Triangle Shoe is willing to pay $30,000 for the building but wants the agency to pay for exterior renovation, while the shoe store would pay for interior remodeling. The company’s stance is expected to lead the agency to call for the demolition of the building.

Fifty years ago — 1968

A “Do You Remember?” photo shows the C.B. Moon Construction Co. of Cleveland deep in the throes of elevating the New York Central tracks through Dunkirk back in 1938. In the photo is the excavation of the Main Street underpass. Trains were still using the lower level at the time and the gateman’s shanty may be seen with the old Merchants Bank in the background. Harper’s Drug Store was still in business too.