Twenty years ago — 1998

The New York State Department of Health released the results of a population-based study investigating chance incidence and prevalence near 38 landfills with soil gas migration issues. The study covered New York State residents during the period 1980-1989. One of the sites used was the closed landfill located on Roberts Road in the town of Dunkirk. The study points out that the incidence of leukemia and bladder cancer in females living within 250-500 feet of the sites was significantly higher than for a control population.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Among the farms that have been added to the ranks of Dairies of Distinction in Cattaraugus County is the Maple Lane Farm in South Dayton. The Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Association judges applicant farms for their appearance as viewed from the roadside. Maple Lane Farm was the birthplace of Everett Mosher Sr. when his parents were renting the farm. The far was purchased by the Mosher family when Everett was in his teens. Since that time, three different milking parlors have been built and used along the way to the current one. Presenting the Moshers milk over 275 cows.

Forty years ago — 1978

County Legislator Dr. John Glenzer (R-Fredonia) has called on County Executive Joseph Gerace to explain the county’s hiring policies for CETA and to say why there appears to be a disproportionate number of Democrats hired to fill the federally-funded jobs. Dr. Glenzer said that unless there is a satisfactory explanation, he will be forced to take the evidence to the U.S. Attorney General’s office and to the county legislature for a full explanation. A list of 105 county CETA employees shows 51 Democrats and 14 Republicans among those hired.

Fifty years ago — 1968

The Dunkirk Common Council has gone on record as being unanimously opposed to the county charter as proposed at this time. Second Ward Councilman George Hutchinson stated he is opposed to the charter at this time because he feels voters should have the right to elect a county manager and not have it left to the 29 members of the proposed legislative body to select an individual.