Twenty years ago — 1998

Dean and Karen Houser have spent the summer turning their residence at 44 East Ave. in Sinclairville into a painted lady, a description given to Victorian-style homes that have multi-colored exterior paints applied to them. The main body of the house is a sand brown color with the porch posts, window, corner and door trims a darker shade of brown and the doors and window frames in plum. The shutters will likely be painted hunter green while the gingerbread trim will stay a pale white. The arches between the porch posts have a crescent moon carved in them with a star carved inside the moon.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Student of the Week is Donna Hotelling, a senior at Silver Creek Central School. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hotelling of 72 Main St., Silver Creek, she serves as secretary of the school’s Student Council and is a member of the National Honor Society. She also has served as treasurer of the Girls Varsity Club for two years. Donna has been a member of the high school band for four years, currently serving as vice president. She is considering continuing her education at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa.

Forty years ago — 1978

The shoddy installation of concrete bumpers along Lakefront Boulevard in Dunkirk has aggravated Mayor Gilbert Snyder, who issued instructions for city crews to redo the work. He said the “bum job” is an example of “haste makes waste.” Powerful waves whipped by strong winds lifted the concrete bumpers from iron anchoring pins recently and tossed them across Lakefront Boulevard like toothpicks. Mayor Snyder charges that the city workmen did not follow his instructions in pinning the bumpers in place. He personally inspected the littered roadway.

Fifty years ago — 1968

More and more city officials and leaders in the minority community in Dunkirk are looking to “instant housing” as a supplemental solution to government-subsidized projects in alleviating the city’s housing woes. The housing situation in Dunkirk entails a great deal more than the public housing programs can handle. Thus, it falls to the private developer. Hormon Dorsey, president of the NAACP for this area, agreed that instant housing might be a very real solution to the housing situation in Dunkirk.