Twenty years ago — 1998

The advent of electronic and online banking has contributed to the decline of “Christmas Club” bank accounts. The holiday clubs will be phased out at Key Bank beginning next year. Many people now do their banking through direct deposit and automatic teller machines. Customers don’t need to enter banks because computers make the transaction for them. However, Christmas club accounts remain popular throughout the region, possibly owing to the residents’ more traditional outlook. M & T currently operates 3,377 accounts throughout the Buffalo region.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Featured in People in Profile is Cassadaga’s part-time police officer, William Barthold, known to many local residents as “a good guy cop.” This designation is derived from his policy of giving warnings to first-time violators who have not broken any serious laws. Mr. Barthold has served as the village’s police officer since 1975, when he was appointed to the position by the village board. He first became interested in law enforcement when, as a student at Dunkirk High School, he was appointed to the first youth jury started by Dunkirk City Court Judge August Jankowski. Mr. Barthold also has been the camp ranger at the Boy Scouts’ Camp Gross on Route 60 for the past 16 years.

Forty years ago — 1978

The Dunkirk Garden Club has been awarded a first-honors citation for its entry in the Landscape Beautification Contest sponsored by the Eighth District, Federated Garden Clubs of New York State. The honor was in recognition of the club’s landscaping of the rose gardens at Dunkirk’s Memorial Park on Lake Shore Drive West and its continuation of the program with emphasis on maintenance of existing plantings. The contest entry, which included a written report on the project, was submitted by Mrs. Robert P. Meister Sr., chairwoman.

Fifty years ago — 1968

A telephone operator from Dunkirk is among 20 operators from Western New York to receive New York Telephone’s 1968 “Miss Voice and Courtesy Award.” She is Mrs. Lorraine Halicki, who began her communications career with the company in 1948. Mrs. Halicki of 139 Stegelski Ave., is active in the Dunkirk-Fredonia Community Players and Dunkirk-Fredonia Community Chorus as well as her church choir. The winners, selected from more than 1,500 operators in the area, were chosen for their courteous manners and pleasant way of speaking when helping telephone customers.