Twenty years ago — 1999

The annual Klondike Derby was held recently at Camp Gross in Cassadaga. Ten Boy Scout troops and Webelo packs attended from throughout the area. Scouts attend “stations’ set up on a course at the camp. The stations, in compass, first aid, knots and fire building are designed test their scouting skills and to keep scouts active throughout the winter months.

Thirty years ago — 1989

Andrew Manzella is a 10-year-old Portland boy who likes a challenge. Early in 1988, Andrew made a bet with his father, Michael, that he could go a full year without watching television. On Jan. 15, 1989, Andrew completed one year of not watching TV. As a result, his father has paid off the wager of $1,000. A fifth-grader at Brocton Central School, Andrew spent most of his free time reading, playing board games, playing hockey or listening to the radio for a solid year. “Dallas” was the first TV show he watched after his year of abstinence. And with part of his winnings, he purchased a portable television set for his room.

Forty years ago — 1979

Mary Amanda Near, 17-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Near of RD 2, South Portage Street, Westfield has been chosen Student of the Week. A Westfield Academy and Central School senior, she is secretary-treasurer of the National Honor Society, a student council representative and member of the high school bowl team. Mary plans to attend college to major in mathematics.

Fifty years ago — 1969

The nuns’ home at St. Columban’s Seminary, estimated to be nearly 130 years old, was set afire as another step in the liquidation of properties at the seminary on East Lake Road. The building, said to have been built around 1840, consisted of 20 rooms and had served as a domicile for the nuns at St. Columban’s for many years. The sisters have since moved into the seminary proper which is expected to become a home for senior citizens in the near future. The seminary plans to sell 55 of the 267 acres it owns.