Twenty years ago — 1999

The lives of Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King were separated by more than 100 years, but in the eyes of Dunkirk resident Jesse Thomas, the two men have a great deal in common. Mr. Thomas is hoping to call attention to the connection between the Polish military hero of the American Revolution and the 1960s Civil Rights leader with a Kosciuszko-King Unity Track & Field Classic/Festival. He explained the City of Buffalo will be hosting a Kosciuszko-King festival in the year 2000 and his goal is to establish a similar event in Dunkirk starting this year.

Thirty years ago — 1989

From Just Between Us …… Miss Marie Lynn Milliman, a Cassadaga Valley Central School senior, has won the first place scholarship from the Fashion Merchandising Program at Bryant and Stratton Business Institute. The $4,500 scholarship will cover one year’s tuition. Miss Milliman is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Jarvis of Cassadaga and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Milliman of Richmond, Va.

CPS employees were stunned and visibly upset upon learning that the ink manufacturer’s 215-employee workforce is being reduced by 35-40 percent. Seventy-seven or 78 full-time jobs are being cut — with the possibility of more cuts to follow. The workforce will be reduced over the next 90 days. CPS cited two primary reasons for the reduction: A substantial price cut established in January of this year in order for CPS to remain competitive within the ink industry; and a change in the company’s directon and focus which will de-emphasize certain key aspects of the company’s present day operations.

Forty years ago — 1979

The Dunkirk City Democratic Committee has endorsed Diane Trezenski for mayor, but she apparently will have to get by rebel Gary Michalak in the Sept. 11 primary before going up against incumbent Republican Mayor Gilbert Snyder in the Nov. 6 city election. Selected by a 15-13 margin over Second Ward Councilman Thomas Tofil, Mrs. Trezenski reportedly is the first woman ever endorsed for mayor of Dunkirk by one of the two major political parties. She previously ran for mayor as an independent candidate in 1975.

Fifty years ago — 1969

In the court chambers of Dunkirk City Hall, a capacity crowd of officials and interested citizens from throughout Western New York voiced unanimous and vehement opposition to the proposed offshore oil and gas drilling of Lake Erie. The League of Women Voters opposes plans to lease underwater lands for oil and gas exploration and development. Bumper stickers bearing the message, “SAVE LAKE ERIE” are being distributed free of charge to interested area residents through the courtesy of the OBSERVER.