Twenty years ago — 1999

Through a generous donation from the William H. Lesch family, an ornamental picket fence was installed around the outside of the Darwin R. Barker Library Historical Museum at Day and East Main streets in Fredonia. In choosing the design for the four-foot high metal fence, the Barker Library Board of Directors tried to duplicate, as much as possible, the original metal fence that was around the building that served as the library before it became the museum. Prior to that, it was the Darwin R. Barker home. The donation was made in memory of Mrs. William H. Lesch, who had a vivid interest in the library until her death in 1998.

Thirty years ago — 1989

The state is free-loading in the Zoar Valley region, garnering timber and natural gas revenues, but contributing nothing toward maintaining the area’s roads and bridges. When it comes to Zoar Valley, the state is more than an absentee landlord; it’s the ultimate “free-loader.” That was the general consensus of more than 40 persons who attended a special meeting at Persia Town Hall in regard to the problems which plague the Zoar Valley region.

Forty years ago — 1979

Teams of local and national health technicians were drawing blood samples from all employees of the Blackstone Corp. in an attempt to determine what appears to be an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease. Between 600 and 800 Blackstone employees, including 150 who have recently been laid off, are being sampled. All of Blackstone’s 14 factory and office buildings will be checked to see if there is any place where the Legionnaire’s Disease bacteria might be flourishing.

Fifty years ago — 1969

Dunkirk’s John F. Kennedy municipal swimming pool at Wright Park has been used extensively this summer, as the latest tabulation of ticket sales indicates. Ferdinand Schmatz, city treasurer, reports that 8,250 children’s tickets have been sold to date, while 703 adults have used the pool. Before the pool even opened, 72 season passes were sold, making a grand total of 9,025 tickets. Free swimming lessons are being given. Head lifeguard is Paul Parker, assisted by Marianne Bender, Virginia Baran and Dennis Hoffman.


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