Twenty years ago – 1999

A policy being implemented at School 3 in Dunkirk requiring parents to drop off children at the entrance door in the morning instead of walking them to their classrooms has caused some concern with parents. A petition is circulating with more than two hundred signatures which opposes the new policy. School officials stated the policy was implemented to keep things better organized at the beginning of the school day and also for safety concerns.

Thirty years ago — 1989

City workers recently completed work on the new road that runs through Point Gratiot in Dunkirk and the road is now open to traffic. The road had been under construction for almost two years and provides an alternate route for motorists who are visiting the Point.

Forty years ago – 1979

A feature story on Howard and Laura Green reveals that they have made their home on Route 20 in Portland since 1944. At that time, they purchased the Taylor farm dating back to the Holland Land Co. and brought it back to peak production in a diversified farming operation. In addition to vineyards and orchards, the farm is also the location of the Green Hoe Co. Inc. Mr. Green established the company in 1952 and began to make and market his own patented vineyard hoe.

Fifty years ago — 1969

Democratic candidates in the city of Dunkirk reiterated four points of their platform. The plans include: Provide Dunkirk with a fully-licensed city engineer; make the engineer prepare a systematic outline for the repair of city streets; construct an artificial ice rink on city-owned property; and work for the reduction of the county sales tax.


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