Segregation in the supermarket

Twenty years ago – 1999

In an OBSERVER front page photo, the final beam, adorned with an American flag and an evergreen tree to symbolize a new beginning, is hoisted to the top of the framework of what will become the Chautauqua Lake Central School. The beam bears the signatures of current Chautauqua Lake students and staff. Its placement marked the halfway point in the $45 million project, which began in March and is scheduled to be completed next fall.

Thirty years ago — 1989

Dunkirk Second Ward Councilman Frank Gawronski called the county’s recent decision to impose landfill tipping fees a “bad news plan” that will have a serious impact on city residents. As a result of the county’s action, after the first of the year, the city will owe the county an estimated $105,000 in tipping fees for 1988 and can expect to pay another $400,000 for next year’s trash. The city will now have to wrestle with the tipping fee to figure out how to pay for it.

Forty years ago – 1979

Among the crowd of 500,000 people who stood amidst a downpour of rain to catch a glimpse of His Holiness Pope John Paul II in Boston were Mrs. Ronald A. Passafaro of Fredonia and her daughter, Paula. Mrs. Passafaro noted that the entire city of Boston took a holiday. Banks closed at noon and stores at 4 p.m. She added that nobody worked because everyone wanted to see the pope in spite of the weather.

Fifty years ago — 1969

A building permit granted to W. David VanScoter for the construction of an apartment building complex at 346 Central Ave., Fredonia was surrendered to the Fredonia zoning Board of Appeals. The permit had been the subject of much controversy before and since its issuance on April 24 of this year. The action stunned a gathering of about 40 persons, who had anticipated a lengthy discussion.


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