Thirty years ago — 1990

April 1 — National Census Day — is likely to show considerably fewer residents of Chautauqua County responding “present” than there were 10 years ago, according to county Planning and Development Director John R. Luensman. A drop of more than 5,500 in total county population is possible. Between 1970 and 1980, the county lost only 380 in population — from 147,305 to 146,925. However, the July 1, 1988 estimate of county population from the U.S. Census Bureau is only 141,336, down 5,589 from 1980.

Forty years ago — 1980

In an OBSERVER photo, the first resident of Fredonia’s One Temple Square senior citizen housing complex, Mrs. Margaret Thurn, checks the refrigerator in her new apartment. The 84-year-old Fredonia resident lost her house at 18 Norton Place during last year’s flood and had been living in the White Inn for five months. She has 29 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.

Fifty years ago — 1970

Gov. Nelson Rockefeller said New York State’s financial outlook is so good that a tax increase can probably be avoided again next year.

Harry C. Gilbert, 720 Central Ave., Dunkirk has been elected secretary of the State Association of Agricultural Fairs.