Thirty years ago — 1990

The Chautauqua County Legislature, on a virtually straight party line vote refused to pass a resolution under which county government would have undertaken all recycling operations. The action means all 44 individual municipalities in the county must run their own program. The vote flew in the face of a motion previously passed by the largely Republican county Supervisors’ Association.

Forty years ago — 1980

The National Prescription Administration recently awarded McEntarfer Apothecary in Fredonia its highest rating. The award is based on the degree of service and professionalism offered by the staff. Owners Michael and Deirdre McEntarfer are doubly delighted since the announcement came at the second anniversary of their proprietorship.

Fifty years ago — 1970

The Schenectady Museum, a recently opened modern multi-purpose museum, is currently showing a one-man exhibit of some 20 polychromed wood sculptures by Dennis Dorogi of Ellicott Road, Brocton.