Thirty years ago — 1990

Seventh-grade students in the Home and Career Skills classes at Fredonia Middle School recently heard Susan Makai, Channel 29 television personality, speak on “Self-Improvement and Self-Esteem.” Ms. Makai, a Fredonia State University alumna and a former Miss Buffalo, spent an entire day working with the students in small group sessions.

Forty years ago — 1980

The new Niagara Mohawk electric-generating plant is expected to provide a tremendous boost to the area’s economy. The question is — when? Construction, which once was projected to begin this year, is not expected to get under way before 1985 and may not start until 1989 under the latest forecasts for the need of electricity.

Fifty years ago — 1970

Miss Dorothy Bentley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bentley of South Dayton, is the valedictorian at Pine Valley Central School.


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