Thirty years ago — 1990

Rare sighting — a Snowy Egret of the Heron family, rare to this area, was spotted feeding on frogs in the Edwin Woodcock pond located behind Department of State Environmental Conservation officer Jim Shuler’s home on Lamberton Road in the town of Pomfret. The bird is native to Northern California, Oklahoma, Maine, southern marshes and into South America and resides in salt marshes, ponds, rice fields and shallow coastal bays.

Forty years ago — 1980

Three queens have been selected for the 1980 Fredonia Farm Festival to be held Aug. 21-24. They are Cindy Gollnitz, Karen Ellis and Diane Coniglio. The queen’s duties are to represent the Fredonia Farm Festival at surrounding community activities, such as parades. A queen must be over 18 years of age and be a farm wife or daughter.

Fifty years ago — 1970

The paintings of John H. Stonefoot of Silver Creek are being exhibited in Roof’s Restaurant art gallery for the month of July.


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