Thirty years ago — 1991

Charles Lewis, a Chautauqua County farmer, lived about three miles southwest of Mayville during the 1930s. A portion of Lewis’ diary has been reprinted in the new issue of The Journal of Erie Studies. This diary records the daily life and hardship of dairy farming during the Great Depression as well as the resiliency of those who lived in this rural area.

Forty years ago — 1981

An OBSERVER photo shows three Dunkirk men ice fishing inside the newly constructed breakwall in the Dunkirk harbor. They are Tom Tarnowski, Terry Frazier with his dog “Sam” and Bruce McGee. The ice thickness presently is about one foot, which is attributed to the new breakwall. It takes about five minutes to chip or bore a hole by hand. During the last few days, the men have caught about 75 smelt.

Fifty years ago — 1971

The Chautauqua County Department of Social Services has announced the opening of a part-time field office in the city of Dunkirk.


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