Thirty years ago — 1991

Veteran running back Kevin Mack and radio analyst Doug Dieken were the guests of honor at the fourth annual Cleveland Brown Backers sports banquet at the Dunkirk Moose Club. More than 110 members attended the event, which featured the awarding of a $500 scholarship to Pine Valley Central School senior Kristopher Kozlowski. The son of Jeff and Barbara Kozlowski, he is at the top of his graduating class of 45 with a 94.6 average.

Forty years ago — 1981

A transition from rock and roll to country music has paid off for “Rainbow,” a traveling band from North Collins. “Rainbow” known formerly in the area as the “Melodeers” is a four-piece group consisting of Jackie Foreman, brother Allen, both originally of Sheridan; Bill Volk of South Dayton and Michelle Oyer of Eden. The band has been touring throughout the United States and Canada and is planning an album sometime in the future.

Fifty years ago — 1971

Frank Corsoro, a senior at Dunkirk High School, is the Student of the Week. The son of Mr. and Mrs. George Corsoro of West Fourth Street, Frank is a member of the National Honor Society, winner of a Regents scholarship and a National Merit letter of commendation, and a member of the baseball and basketball teams.


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