Thirty years ago — 1992

Precision Vision, located at 65 West Main St., Fredonia recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The owner/operator is Peter Notaro with Dr. Thomas O’Connor as the optometrist.

Forty years ago — 1982

A 3,000-year-old Egyptian statue, which has been found to be a key piece in the study of the development of Egyptian New Kingdom Art, was recently discovered at Chautauqua Institution. The piece was in a crate in the corner of Chautauqua’s Hospitality Room, probably for decades. Originally, the black granite statue was in the temple of Uat in Nebesheh, a town located in the marshy, Delta region of Egypt. Dedicated by a priest in honor of his father, it was the only piece of sculpture brought out of the excavation of the temple by the Egypt Exploration Fund in the mid-1880s.

Fifty years ago — 1972

Lake Shore Hospital’s Women’s Auxiliary marked its 10th anniversary by making a $10,000 donation to the hospital.


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