Thirty years ago — 1993

The Dunkirk Rotary Club collected and packaged more than 2,000 old and readyto- be-discarded learning English grade school texts and workbooks to be sent to Albania. The books came from Dunkirk High. The need for educational equipment is strong in the small European country. Dunkirk Rotary is running the project as a World Community Service Project.

Forty years ago — 1983

The poor condition of Point Gratiot in Dunkirk has prompted city officials to decide that traffic will have to be re-routed around the popular picnic area once it is opened at the end of this month. The problem has been developing for the past several years and last year some thought was given to re-routing traffic and the building of a new road through the eastern section of the park to exit near the lighthouse. However, it was pointed out by Dunkirk Mayor Edwin Gregoreski that the eastern end of the park has poor drainage and the ground would be too soft to support a road.

Fifty years ago — 1973

Dr. Harry B. Lyon, a Dunkirk city dentist for 58 years, was honored May 19 at his 100th birthday party at the Holiday Inn. More than 400 attended the party for one of the founders of the Naval Militia unit in Dunkirk in 1912.


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