Thirty years ago — 1994

A small but enthusiastic group recently met to discuss plans for the revitalization of Lake Erie State Park along Route 5 in the town of Portland near Brocton. A 1989 feasibility study suggested a possible harbor area at the park, which is the smallest in the Allegany State Park Region. Other suggestions were to increase the present camping area in the park, swimming facilities, expansion of nature trails, a snack bar or areas for cross-country skiing.

Forty years ago — 1984

State Department of Transportation workers were busy repairing a large hole in the sidewalk of the Route 20 viaduct in Westfield. A village of Westfield street department worker and the sidewalk snow-plowing vehicle he was operating nearly fell through the sidewalk when the decayed wooden planks gave way. A steel rod, located under the wooden sidewalk saved the plow and its operator, David Ward, from plunging about 70 feet down into the Chautauqua Creek.

The DOT has scheduled a complete bridge replacement slated to begin in the spring of 1985.


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