Thirty years ago — 1994

Following a heated public hearing, the Sheridan Town Board voted unanimously to deny a special use permit for a compost operation on New Road. The action will keep responsibility for regulating the compost operation within the town. Angry residents spoke out at the public hearing, which was called by the Sheridan Zoning Board of Appeals. The hearing was on a request to modify a special use permit for a composting operation which would include materials that receive approval from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Forty years ago — 1984

Featured in this week’s “Kegler’s Korner” column by Robert Kubera is Dan Mikula, who rolled 226-236-278 for 740 on lanes 25 and 26 at Lucky Lanes. The 194 average bowler rolled a total of 25 strikes. Dan bowls for the Rufus 4 team in the Cherry’s Video League. His previous high was a 686.

Fifty years ago — 1974

Franklin Swanson and Raymond “Stub” Szymczak were awarded certificates for completing 25 years of active service with the Sheridan Fire Company.


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