America: ‘Stubborn’ ways will persevere

It was a horrific sight for all Americans. As a portion of runners triumphantly made their way to the finish line of the Boston Marathon a blast of historic proportions shook the crowd. The second explosion, about 11 seconds later, sent many into an absolute frenzy.

Boston – on one of its treasured days – had been attacked. Three people have died and hundreds have been injured. And though Patriots’ Day 2013 will never be forgotten for the terror that took place, there were many heroes.

Those individuals and spectators who rushed to help those injured. Fire and police officers and a number of first responders. Doctors and nurses who were working shifts at the city’s hospitals.

Two days later, Boston and America are still in shock. But we will persevere. Consider these words, written by Farah Stockman that appeared in the Opinion section of the Tuesday Boston Globe:

“We can be vigilant. We can be smart. But we can’t bring the risk of a terrorist attack down to zero. We’d have to give up too much to do that. We’d have to become a police state. And even that would not be enough. If we are willing to die in wars to protect our freedom, we must be willing to die right here in Boston. It was surreal to see half the city conducting business as usual. But there was something inspiring and stubborn about it. Tomorrow, this city is going to get up and live its life. We are not going to let anyone stop us.”

That is what America is all about.