LABOR DAY: Our changing job dilemma

Typical during the campaign season is the call by those seeking elected office for more jobs in our area. Fact is, at this moment, unemployment rates are at their lowest levels in years.

Even in this region, the number of those seeking work are declining. In Chautauqua County, the unemployment rate — most recently through July — was 4.8 percent, or 0.8 percent less than in 2017. In fact, every county in the rural Southern Tier is reporting a lower unemployment rate when compared to July 2017.

There is, however, a bigger problem if you ask employers about the job market. It is simply that we need more people to be seeking work.

In education, there is a lack of teachers. That is quite different from 10 years ago when those in the profession had to worry about job cuts due to a poor economy.

Even here, County Executive George Borrello has noted a number of jobs are going unfilled. The problem is twofold. Most of our best workers are retiring and the incoming job seekers do not have the same work ethic.

Workplaces — and employees — are constantly changing. But Labor Day remains significant. It’s our one day to celebrate the dedicated work done by Americans.