SUNY FREDONIA: Tough choices being faced

What is happening at the State University of New York at Fredonia is unfortunate, but also a reality. As noted in OBSERVER staff writer Mary Heyl’s article last week regarding the potential reductions in programs and offices at the university, in a necessity.

“We are not out of cash. We are not on the brink of bankruptcy or closing,” said SUNY Fredonia President Virginia Horvath. “We need to reduce our expenses to avoid borrowing next year.”

On that chopping block include 20 undergraduate programs, eight administrative offices and some unfilled positions. Some in the community have expressed their displeasure with the proposal, but SUNY institutions across the state are coping with the same issues.

Simply planning for a deficit is not acceptable — and New York state has continued to not increase aid to any of the campuses.

Horvath has put out a list of suggestions. It is now up to the college and the community to have some input in moving forward.

No final plan has been made, but tough decisions are coming.