‘Secret’ is out on village shop

It has the look of a much more upbeat pierogi possibility in Silver Creek than there was in Westfield. In 2015, the much heralded Rae Foods, which was barely open for a year, quickly closed its operation disappointing a number of county officials.

Today, about 20 miles to the east along the lake, another pierogi business is quietly making its mark — and succeeding. According to the OBSERVER’s J.M. Lesinski, Barbie Crockski Pierogi at 12 Howard St. is selling pierogis by the dozen or half dozen when it is in operation.

“(Because of) the hours, people have been calling us the ‘secret pierogi shop,'” said co-owner Barbara Lancaster. “We’ve been very well-received by Silver Creek, and Dunkirk too surprisingly, people come up just to see us.”

In this area, it seems there is a niche for this type of business. When we shared the story on our Facebook site, it garnered more than 11,000 views — and that number keeps growing.

It appears this business, unlike the effort in Westfield, has the right ingredients.