Grad formulas begin at home

Chautauqua County schools all have reason to be concerned when it comes to graduation rates. According to the state Education Department, while the state rate was up slightly in 2018, county schools were down to 82 percent from 83 percent.

Leading the list in terms of declines was the Dunkirk City School District, which decreased to 66 percent from 75 percent. Dunkirk’s schools have great diversity, but are facing major obstacles when it comes to poverty rates. Those affect learning inside and outside the homes.

Other small schools, such as Forestville and Brocton, saw minor increases in graduation rates, yet these same districts also face high poverty numbers.

There’s no easy answers to figuring why the rates decline. We believe that area school teachers and administrators are working to be part of the solution.

When graduates succeed, it all begins in the home with parents. That once solid foundation is not what it used to be when compared to today’s society.