HANOVER: Serving youth in the summer

It is obviously not too early to be thinking about summer. Popular youth programs in Silver Creek and Forestville were a topic at a recent Hanover Town Board meeting due to construction issues.

According to Town Board member Lou Pelletter, both school districts have building projects that will impact the location for the youth programs, which are quite popular. “Last year we had a cut off of 130, we had 120, we tried to keep it under that for insurance purposes,” he said. “The village had about 100, so with the Forestville kids added in, we have about 120.”

Alternative options being considered for the programs include the Silver Creek ballpark, the Anderson-Lee Library and the First Presbyterian Church. While no final decision on a location has been made, it is reassuring to see the numbers of local children involved in these initiatives throughout our region.

There’s more to be gained for our youth by being outside and on the move, rather than staying indoors on video games or constantly connected to a phone.