fredonia Another party is in the books

Another non-Fred Fest has come to an uneventful end in the village. And though some residents complain about the two-day happening as being a bit unruly, it was — for the most part — fairly tame.

Besides, Fredonia is a college town. For the most part, this is the only weekend where students get a bit riled up. Otherwise, many are good neighbors throughout the year.

We applaud the village for accepting the event for what it is. Last week, the Village Board approved the purchase of Port-A-Potties for students to use and added some additional receptacles for garbage in preparation for the weekend.

A tip of the hat to all the volunteers who were working Saturday and Sunday mornings — especially the Fredonia High National Honor Society — to clean up the leftover mess from the celebrations.

As for today, everything seems back to normal.


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