UPSTATE: Nothing funny about reality

More than two weeks ago, a “Simpsons” episode took a number of shots at upstate New York. It made a mockery of the declining populations, the loss of Eastman Kodak in Rochester and also featured a beautiful image of downtown Buffalo in the evening that ended with a sudden snowfall.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, when it was brought to his attention, did not find it funny — and then he admitted he had not ever watched the series, which has been televised for over three decades.

While the 90-second skit may have provided some laughs, it also brought a dose of reality. Upstate has been in a major slowdown for more than 40 years. Many fled due to major manufacturers closing their doors, which has impacted every major city from Jamestown to Albany.

Yes, Gov. Cuomo, the skit for those of us who live here provided little comedy. Four decades of a recession is tough to laugh at.


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