WATER DISTRICT Village can be real partner

We’re optimistic that Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis and the Village Board are intent on cooperating with the North County Water District. But the time has come for a lot more than just lip service, which is what Monday’s approval was.

Within the last year, Landis has become a believer in having a partnership in the district. This is a major step forward from previous mayors and boards in the village since 2009.

For its part, Fredonia wants to be another supplier for the district. Dunkirk already has the distinction of the main supplier.

But the district does need additional connections. “It would produce the ability for the village to have backup from the city of Dunkirk,” said Pomfret town Supervisor Don Steger at an April Fredonia board meeting regarding emergency situations.

But taking action is up to the trustees. Landis has offered her backing and now the board needs to follow her lead.

The North County Water District is operating and Fredonia, with the possibility of a new hospital looming, needs to be part of the effort. This is a perfect opportunity.