WEATHER: Use caution in the heat

Today will seem seasonably cool compared to what’s ahead for the rest of the week. Forecasts from the National Weather Service are calling for temperatures to climb to near 90 degrees for Friday and Saturday and remain heated on Sunday.

Summer is definitely sizzling.

In last week’s Chautauqua Health Action Team monthly article, the organization urged residents to stay away from exercising or working outside in these conditions. The article also called for cooling in air-conditioned places or taking a cool bath or shower.

“Drink plenty of water,” the article also noted. “On dangerously hot and humid days, try downing a glass of water every hour, unless your doctor has told you to limit fluids. Go easy on sugary drinks and don’t count on caffeinated beverages or alcohol for fluid because they can cause dehydration.”

We’re one month into summer. Enjoy it, but keep your cool.