THRUWAY Suspend tolls on rough road

It has turned into political ping-pong. U.S. Rep. Tom Reed is calling for repairs to the state Thruway stretch east of the Silver Creek exit. State Gov. Andrew Cuomo claims the section won’t be repaired until the Seneca Nations of Indians pay the state a portion of the casino profits.

The loser in this battle: the motorist, of course.

But where has the New York State Thruway Authority been? That fat cat continues to make billions of dollars off your tolls and has been silent for years regarding this issue. What’s their role in this?


If anything, the state Thruway Authority needs to suspend the tolls on that portion of the interstate immediately. They are admitting, through the reduced speed signs, to not fixing the three-mile stretch of road.

Starting today, all motorists who use that portion of Interstate 90 must not be charged the 55 cents from Exit 58 to 57A. But that won’t happen in this EZ Pass world.

Expect Cuomo and Reed to continue their fight. In the meantime, the state Thruway is off the hook for poor road conditions while collecting your cash.