FISHING State benefits from sport


Here’s some information released this week by the state Department of Environmental Conservation that could get you hooked on the economic impacts of fishing.

According to the agency, combined direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts of freshwater angling in New York state totaled an estimated $2.14 billion and supported 10,961 jobs in 2017. Of this total, out-of-state anglers contributed approximately 26 percent, or $564 million.

Freshwater anglers spent an estimated $252 million at New York fishing destinations in 2017, and an additional $204 million was expended at home or while traveling to fishing destinations. Purchases of fishing equipment and fishing-related equipment such as boats, motors, etc., generated an estimated $1.8 billion in additional expenditures.

Communities along Lake Erie, especially Dunkirk, catch plenty of sportsmen each year due to the excellent fishing in our waters. It’s something to remember — and cherish — about our region.