Extra anxious on first day

It was only natural for there to be some extra nerves and anxious moments for those parents, students and teachers who were returning to school. The buildings have lacked learning activities for the past six months.

On Tuesday, there was a slight sense of normalcy. Similar to the pro sporting events that lack fans, it is a welcome return that is very different.

Safety, in this environment, has become almost as important as learning.

In a recent New York State United Teachers poll, educators listed some of their top worries about coming back. At the top of the list was personal safety followed closely by the safety of students.

Models for each district in openings are different. Some classes will not even begin until next week or later for some schools.

For now, however, staying cautious is key with prevention beginning before students or staff walk out of their front door. That means, as simple as it sounds, checking temperatures and staying home if you are not well.


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