New YORK STATE Zeldin needs name recognition


A significant name for New York state politics made a stop in Chautauqua County last week. U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is seen as one of the leading candidates to challenge powerhouse Gov. Andrew Cuomo, brought some excitement to the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel on Thursday.

More than 150 county party members were in attendance to listen and meet Zeldin at the gathering. He added that the “pendulum” needs to swing to the Republican Party to curtail the rising cost of living and eroding public safety.

“Our state is at a breaking point, right now,” he said.

If Zeldin is to have a chance to win in 2022, he needs name recognition. Taking trips across the state is part of the plan. Following Thursday’s stop here, he headed east to Allegany County and other destinations across the Southern Tier.

Many in our region had hoped U.S. Rep. Tom Reed of District 23 would have contested Cuomo. His momentum, however, came to a screeching halt in March after sex assault accusations.

For now, Zeldin is doing his best by reaching out to a solid Republican base. Knowing how New York City votes, usually in the blue, upstate turnout is likely his best hope next November.


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