Keep open mind with Fredonia

We understand the Chadwick Bay Intermunicipal North County Water District’s worries with the village of Fredonia system. It’s been well documented in this newspaper and on these pages.

However, the district board — if it truly wishes to work with the village — needs to be less dismissive of bringing them in as a partner. Last week, Pomfret town Supervisor Dan Pacos made a suggestion of having Fredonia as another supplier after the problems in the city of Dunkirk in late August.

“My thought is having a secondary supplier, helps us keep Dunkirk honest,” he said.

John Walker, Sheridan supervisor, wasn’t keen on the idea. Fredonia’s past arrogance is part of the problem.

But if the district does not keep a door open some way, it is not being a good neighbor either. Fredonia does have something to offer in its water — and could be an asset, especially if problems arise.

This is all about keeping an open mind — and what is best for this area.


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