Fredonia-Pomfret Municipal bickering not serving residents

Municipal agreements are not always handled neighborly, as is the case with the town of Pomfret and village of Fredonia. Within the last two months, accusations from both boards against the other have made headlines.

It is another case of elected officials worrying more about the anthills than the mountains. Tackling the major issues involves commitment and tough decisions.

Local board do not like those.

But the water issues are always interesting, especially when the town is a customer of the village’s system that is far from reliable. Last month, another salvo was fired by the town regarding double billing of customers. This is currently being looked into.

In addition, there are disagreements over who owes what. Fredonia is much more vocal on the issue, but apparently is not open to meeting with their counterparts. “The supervisor and I have 14 months’ worth of emails (from us) asking for meetings,” said Deputy town Supervisor Ann Eckman.

A joint meeting could lead to more fireworks — or an amicable resolution. One thing is certain, however. Village residents subsidize both governments through taxes. The intermunicipal squabbling is not resulting in any bang for their bucks.


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