For the Record

Adult golf

Cassadaga Country Club

Ladies Wednesday Night League (July 11) — Michelle Helmer 45, Donna Wier 47, Jodi Hoffman 48, Lori Danforth 49, Kay Pagano 49, Pam Ulrich 49. Chip in: Donna Wier (No. 4 for a birdie and No. 6) and Donna Frost (No. 6 for a birdie).

Pinehurst Golf Club

Par Tee Girls (July 10) — Carol Rawlinson – Gross 45 with net of 32. Kim Underwood – Gross 47 with net of 33. Jill Muck – Gross 47 with net of 30. Eileen LaPorte – Gross 49 with net of 29. Kathy Brown – Gross 48 with net of 37. Diane Enser – Gross – 48 with net of 32. Lynn Stetson – Gross 49 with net of 32. Kim Tiberio – Gross 49 with net of 31. Lori Foster – Gross 50 with net of 36. Pam Thompson – Gross with net of 34. Margie Coran – Gross 50 with net of 34. Longest drive this week goes to Kim Underwood. Shortest drive this week goes to Mary Ann Woleben.

Vineyards Golf Course

Wednesday Night Vineyards Golf League (July 11) — Top scores for A Division: Bob Golubski 32, John Lakas 37, Charlie Reinhardt, Jim Sedota, Mark Nasal 38, Gary Vandevelde, Mike Nasal, Jeff Nelson 39. A Division skins: Mark Nasal (No. 5) and Bob Golubski (No. 9). Top scores for B Division: Brian Manning, Bob Manning 40, Dan Wolf 41, Mike Korzeniewski 42, Jim Michaels 43, Gene Alton 47, Mike Nobles 48. Skins: Dan Wolf (No. 2 and No. 8) and Jim Michaels (No. 7). Closest to the pin: Mark Nasal (No. 5).

Gene Andolina League — Scratch Scores Under 40: Sam Allesi 34, John Bongiovanni 35, Dave Criscione 36, Walt Koba 36, Zeke Curtain 37, Dave DeJoe 37, Tony Antolini 37, Bill Hart 38, Paul Trusso 38, Phil Kleeberger 39, Curt Warmbrodt 39, Greg Catalano 39, Tony Destro 39, Kevin Jasinski 39, Bob Welch 39, Bob Manning 39. Handicap Scores 33 & Below: Tony Nasca 24, John Wiedenhoffer 26, Tony Antolini 26, Dave DeJoe 28, John Bongiovanni 28, Zeke Curtain 29, Sam (F) Foti 29, Walt Koba 29, Jim Polvino 29, Pete Criscione 30, Paul Trusso 30, Tom Lesch 30, Sam Allesi 30, Mike Rosario 30, Bob Manning 30, Bill Hart 30, Dave Criscione 31, Jack Hood 31, Mark Gugino 31, Tony Destro 31, Jim Sedota 32, Bob Welch 32, Gordy Haight 32, Bob Tripp 33, Jim DeJoe 33, Joe Greco 33, Joe Bifaro 33, Curt Warmbrodt 33, Greg Catalano 33, John Lakas 33. Scratch Skins: John Bongiovanni (No. 1), Sam Allesi (No. 4) and Dave Criscione (No. 9). Handicap Skins: Gordy Haight (No. 2) and Tom Lesch (No. 6). Closest To The Pins: Joe Greco (No. 3) and Dave Criscione (No. 9).

Wednesday Travel League

(July 11) — John Waterman shot the low round of 80 at Mound Grove Golf Course in Waterford, Pa. Ed Tofil was second with 84 and Bill Aldrich was third with 87. Waterman led both the front nine (41) and back nine (39). Doug Grace and Frank Benamati won the B and C Flights, respectively. The winner of the Bruce “Java” Chrabasz Commissioner’s Award was Jack Hood.

Untied birdies were recorded by: A Flight — Waterman (No. 7), Al Etzel (Nos. 10, 11), Wayne Ormsby (No. 12) and Pat Weaver (No. 17); B Flight — Joe Bifaro (No. 2), Grace (No. 3), Joe Michalski (No. 4), Dan Kubera (No. 7), Dave Criscione (Nos. 8, 9), Butch Mackowiak (No. 12), Al Bradley (No. 13) and Don Kujawa (No. 14); C Flight — Gary Hazelton (No. 4), Mike Willoughby (Nos. 11, 17), Mike Wolfe (No. 13) and Tony Destro (No. 18). Closest to the pin were Waterman (No. 2), Hazelton (No. 4) and Pete Gawron (Nos. 16, 17).

Top point winners were Hazelton (47), Willoughby (36), Gawron (32), and Weaver and Bifaro (31 each). Season points leaders: Wolfe (246), Tim Walawender (162), Ed Tofil (143), Bob Thompson (140), Weaver (135), Willoughby (122), Dave Mathews (108), Dave Miller (102), John Bongiovanni (99), Robert Calph (93), Etzel (93), Gary Haase (91), Bradley (90), Bifaro (88), Kujawa (85), Mackowiak and Waterman (84 each), Jim Szalkowski (82), Kubera, Len Leszkowicz, Michalski and Criscione (all with 78).

This week the league plays Diamond Hawk Golf Course in Cheektowaga. The first group tees off at 9 a.m. To inquire about openings, call or text John at 785-2291 by 3 p.m. Monday.


Free martial arts program for kids starts Monday

Karate educational partners, The Family Martial Arts Center and The Karate Kidz Zone of Chautauqua County, will sponsor a free weeklong youth recreation program for all county residents ages 2 thru 18 years of age, starting Monday, July 16.

The seminar will be hosted at 355 Central Ave. Fredonia next to Family Video. All participants should wear relaxed clothing, i.e.: sweats and a tee shirt. Details are accurately described below. After completion of the program, each student who decides to enroll in classes will receive a free uniform.

The program will offer students an opportunity to:

Grow Their Decision Making Skills:

— learn how to be responsible and accept consequences for their actions

— learn how to make good health and diet choices

— learn how to make good substance choices. Saying no to drugs and alcohol

Grow Their Interpersonal Skills:

— grow their skills on building and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Including family, friends and social situations.

— learning how to be a leader and a positive role model for their peers.

Physical Fitness:

— promote physical fitness and learning how to take care of their bodies in a positive manner.

— learning self-defense, stranger danger and how to extract themselves from a sticky situation with the least amount of harm.

The Family Martial Arts Center has been offering youth programs for 21 years. They are partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Dunkirk, Family Video, Dunkirk Schools 21st Century grant and a previous partner with The Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. Youth Service Team.

Register by calling 672-6683 or stopping by. Feel free to log onto for more information.

Gowanda oldtimers softball game set for July 29

The 2nd annual Gowanda men’s slow pitch softball oldtimers game will be held at Gateway Park on Sunday, July 29. Batting practice will begin at 6 p.m. followed by the game and post game picnic. Former players from the Gowanda Softball League (1974-96) that also included several teams from Silver Creek are encouraged to attend. Call Mark Benton at 532-4053 or email before July 27 if you would like to attend.