For the Record

Local sports schedule

Boys Hockey

Depew at Dunkirk-Fredonia Steelers, 10:45 a.m.

Womens Basketball

Potsdam at Fredonia State, 12 p.m.

Mens Basketball

Potsdam at Fredonia State, 2 p.m.

Adult hockey

CCHA League Games


BJ’s 9, Lakeview Shock 6

Goals for BJs: Mike Nelson (3), Jeff Carlson (2), Brian Wojcinski (2), Steve Gromala, Drew Yelich.

Assists for BJs: Josh Croxton (4), Brian Wojcinski (2), Mike Nelson, Tom Coughlin, Jeff Carlson, Drew Yelich, Steve Gromala.

Goalie: Shaun Fadale.

Goals for Shock: CJ Vara (2), Jared Mikowski (2), Matt Daley, Matt Azzarella.

Assists for Shock: Jared Mikowski (2), Matt Azzarella, Matt Dorler, Matt Daley.

Goalie: Brian Lillie.

P*Dubs 11, Coughlans 2

Goals for PDubs: Matt Sheridan (3), Justin Giles (3), Mike Rozewicz (3), Tom Howlett, Matt Ginley.

Assists for PDubs: Mike Burnett (6), AJ Riforgiat (3), Mike Rozewicz (2), Tom Howlett (2), Kevin Salemi (2), Justin Giles, Matt Sheridan, Matt Ginley.

Goalie: AJ Riforgiat.

Goals for Coughlans: Mark Zaffalon, Andy Harrington.

Assists for Coughlans: Steve Formanowicz.

Goalie: Nate Williams.


Heenans 7, Coughlans 2

Goals for Heenans: Kevin Smith (2), Steve Scrypek (2), Fred McCabe, Jeff Jamieson, Jeff Eggleston.

Assists for Heenans: Joe Crino (2), Jeff Jamieson (2), Ron Pachol (2), Kevin Smith, Fred McCabe, Bill Clark.

Goalie for Heenans: Gary Shain.

Goals for Coughlans: Mike Szach, Lee Andolina.

Assists for Coughlans: Mike Szach, Joe Dunn, Dan Walawender.

Goalie: Gloria Andolina.

Heenans 4, EBC 4

Goals for Heenans: Steve Scrypek, Jeff Jamieson, Tim Thexton, Jeff Eggleston.

Assists for Heenans: Bob Traska, Kevin Smith, Jeff Jamieson, Joe Crino.

Goalie for Heenas: Gary Shain.

Goals for EBC: Jim Rozen (2), Dave Newman, Tim Kachelmeyer.

Assists for EBC: Dave Newman (2), Jim Rozen, Chris Lyseth.

Goalie: Shawn Nowicki.

Lakeview Shock 4, Kosciuszko Club 3

Goals for Shock: Eric Herman (2), Jeff Gearhart, Matt Polvino.

Assists for Shock: Jim Eschberger (2), Matt Polvino, Keith Mages, Chris Spellburg, Eric Herman, Jim Azzarella.

Goalie: Brian Lillie.

Goals for Kosciuszko: Josh Crane, Frank Leonard, Matt Murphy.

Assists for Kosciuszko: Frank Leonard, Alex Ruggiero, Derek Backert, Eric Flitt.

Goalie: Rob Laskowski.

EBC 4, Coughlans 1

Goals for EBC: Tim Kachelmeyer (2), Tony Manzella, Jim Rozen.

Assists for EBC: Kirk Miller, Dave Newman, Brad Meyers, Chris Lyseth.

Goalie: Shawn Nowicki.

Goals for Coughlans: Lee Andolina.

Assists for Coughlans: Mike Szach.

Goalie: Shane Boyle.

Kosciuszko Club 4, Wicked Glen 0

Goals for Kosciuszko: Derek Backert (2), Josh Crane, Adam Woelfle.

Assists for Kosciuszko: Adam Woelfle, Derek Backert, Josh Crane, Matt Murphy.

Goalie: Rob Laskowski.

Goalie for Wicked Glen: Kaine Hidy.

Lakeview Shock 3, Wicked Glen 2

Goals for Shock: Matt Polvino, Jim Azzarella, Jim Eschberger.

Assists for Shock: Eric Herman, Jim Azzarella, Jeff Gearhart.

Goalie: Brian Lillie.

Goals for Wicked Glen: Dave Silagyi, Bobby Brown.

Assists for Wicked Glen: Chris Nelligan (2).

Goalie: Nate Williams.

Lakview Shock 5, Coughlans 2

Goals for Shock: Dan Gornikiewicz (2), Tony Privitera, Keith Mages, Jim Eschberger.

Assists for Shock: Tony Privitera (2), Matt Polvino, Shawn Nowicki.

Goalie: Brian Lillie.

Goals for Coughlans: Lee Andolina, Matt Wisnewski.

Assists for Coughlans: Nick Quattrone.

Goalie: Gloria Andolina.


SUNY Fredonia youth baseball clinic today

The SUNY Fredonia baseball team will host a pair of clinics for youths ages 6 to 12. A hitting and defense clinic is on Sunday and there are still spots open for it. A pitching, catching and hitting clinic will also take place on Sunday, Feb. 17. Both clinics run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost is $25 for one, or $45 to attend both. If siblings attend, the cost is $20 per clinic per child. For more information, go to and go to the baseball home page, or contact Matt Palisin in the baseball office at 673-3743, or at Brochures can also be printed online at

SUNY Fredonia HS baseball clinics now Feb. 10

The SUNY Fredonia baseball team has rescheduled a pair of baseball clinics, originally set for Jan. 20, to Feb. 10 for grades 9-12. Pitchers and catchers will go from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. A hitting and defense clinic will go from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost is $25 for one session and $30 for both. Lunch will be provided for those that attend both sessions.

An optional campus tour will be held following both clinics. Contact the baseball office at 716-673-3743, or Coach Palisin at for more information. Registration forms are also available at