Bills need to make a change at QB

Carmen's Column

AP Photo Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) looks for an open man during the second half of Sunday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills in Baltimore. Allen led the Bills’ only scoring drive.

The Buffalo Bills may as well have left their offense in Buffalo this week. Now, they may be better off leaving their quarterback behind in Baltimore.

The Bills were humiliated in the first game of the season, 47-3 against the Baltimore Ravens. Whether it was the inability to make anything happen offensively or the long, methodical scoring drives by Baltimore’s offense — beginning with the first drive of the game — the Bills just looked lost from the very beginning.

To make matters worse, the Ravens weren’t even a playoff team last season. That very same Andy Dalton touchdown pass that sent the Bills to the playoffs last season beat the Ravens and eliminated them from contention. This should not have been a blowout.

Enter Nathan Peterman.

For some reason, Bills head coach Sean McDermott decided to put Peterman out there as the starter for Week 1. Apparently he forgot what happened the last time Peterman started a game by choice. The first time McDermott turned to Peterman last season, he threw five interceptions before halftime against the Los Angeles Chargers. This time wasn’t any better, as the Bills trailed 40-0 before finally turning to Josh Allen.

AP Photo Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs (55) sacks Buffalo Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman (2) during the first half of Sunday’s game in Baltimore.

It was about time.

Though Allen didn’t fare much better behind the Bills offensive line — which seemed easier to get through on Sunday than the entrance to New Era Field most Sunday afternoons — at least he actually had a quarterback rating. Peterman’s rating was 0.0.

You can’t blame the performance on the weather, either. Joe Flacco torched Buffalo’s secondary to the tune of 25 for 34, 236 yards and three touchdowns, with a quarterback rating of 121.7. Trust me, it wasn’t the weather.

Things don’t get much easier from here, either. The Bills return home to host Anthony Lynn’s Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2 — the very same team that Peterman threw five interceptions in a half against last season. After that, the Bills travel to Minnesota, then to Green Bay.

Peterman won’t last as the starter through that stretch. He shouldn’t after this.

Whether or not you “Billieve” that the Bills should put Allen out there behind this offensive line against these opponents, it doesn’t look like the Bills have anything to lose by giving the rookie a shot. You can’t do much worse than 40-0, five picks in a half, or a 0.0 quarterback rating. Allen is going to get the call as the new signal caller eventually, so there’s no reason to continue to waste everyone’s time.

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