Dunkirk bowlers defeat Falconer

JAMESTOWN — The Dunkirk Marauders bowling teams completed a full sweep of Falconer on Wednesday at Jamestown Bowling Company, as both the boys and girls teams won 4-0.

For the Dunkirk boys, Jaxson Pencek (235-217-191-643), Trevor Skelly (Trevor Skelly 201-235-190-626) and Tristan Skelly (202-209-573) led the way, while Brady Corbett (252) and Jared Glowniak (224) had impressive single games.

Falconer’s Brandon Johnson (266) had the high single game of the match, while Falconer’s Jon Zdunski 220-257-650 had the high series. Matt Gullotti added a 204 game for Falconer.

Dunkirk defeated Falconer overall, with a score of 987-1048-976-3,011. Falconer’s score was 794-933-975-2,702. Dunkirk held on to win Game 3 by one pin.

The Dunkirk girls had a little more breathing room than the boys did, as the Lady Maraduers tallied a score of 834-952-840-2,626, while Falconer managed 706-727-785-2,218.

Makayla Pasierb (207-1852-548) had the high series for the Lady Marauders, while Mariah Glowniak (173), Hannah Ellman (201) and Whitney Hice (215) all made contributions with impressive single games.

“(This) match was our first real challenge of the season against a much improved Falconer squad,” said Dunkirk girls coach Donna Kubera. “My girls had to step their games up if they wanted to stay undefeated, and they did. Whitney Hice subbed in halfway through the first game and did a great job coming in off the bench.”

Falconer’s Beth Brown led the way (189-199-522), while Lizzie Wallace had a 178 game for Falconer.

Dunkirk bowls next on Friday against Jamestown at Lucky Lanes.