Westfield’s Jeri Summerville named finalist for 5th Annual Greatmats 2019 National Cheer Coach of the Year award

Submitted Photo Above, Westfield’s Jerri Summerville is pictured with a pupil. Summerville is a finalist for Greatmats 2019 National Cheer Coach of the Year award.

After nearly 400,000 votes cast, the finalists in the 5th Annual Greatmats National Award Series have been chosen!

Two finalists from each of Greatmats National Award Series categories will be considered and Greatmats will choose the winner based on their demonstration of service/community impact, integrity and quality of instruction. The winners are eligible to receive Greatmats flooring, a winner profile story and a Greatmats national award certificate. The winners will be announced on Dec. 13, 2019.

2019 Finalists

2019 National Dance Instructor of the Year

– Marianne Brash-Reig – Twirl Time Studio – Pittsburgh, PA

– Kimberly Bartoszewski – Stardom Dance Academy – Bloomingdale, IL

2019 National Horse Trainer of the Year

– Victoria Shaw – Astoria Equestrian Center – Boonville, NC

– PJ O’Connell – Cowboy Way Ranch – Elizabethtown, KY

2019 National Dog Trainer of the Year

– Michelle O’Neill – The Barking Dog – Scottsdale, AZ

– Abby Beasley – Incredipaws – Pataskala, OH

2019 National Striking Martial Arts Instructor of the Year

– Jordan Diaz – Shotokan Karate Academy – Lehi, UT

– Leo Liuzza – Shinkyokushinkai Karate – Las Vegas, NV

2019 National Grappling Martial Arts Instructor of the Year

– Amanda Leve – Leve BJJ – Philadelphia, PA

– Avery Richard – Indian Land MMA – Indian Land, SC

2019 National Fitness Trainer of the Year

– Ed Brown – Anytime Fitness – Harrison, OH

– Micah Morgan – MMFitness – Tampa, FL

2019 National Cheer Coach of the Year

– Jeri Summerville – Cheer Starz All-Starz – Westfield, NY

– Angie Koenig – Carolina Crossfire Cheer – Columbia, SC

2019 National Gymnastics Coach of the Year

– Aimee Walker Pond – Champions Sports Center – Lehi, UT

– Donna Foudy – Aeon Fitness & Gymnastics – Hillsdale, NJ