Golf leagues

WESTFIELD — Scott Jagoda’s 35 paced the gross scores and Alex Buss’ 30 led the way among the net scores in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Pinehurst Golf Club.

Other gross scores were Derek Nickerson 37, Lyndy Smith 38, Ryan Lehman 39, Jason Nusom 41, Daryn Coon 41, Buss 41 and Nolan Swanson 41.

Other net scores were Gerry Rogers 34, Nusom 30, Daryn Coon 32, Derek Nickerson 31, Jason Jagoda 32 and Bob Hunt 32.

Closest to the pin were Smith (No. 4) and Marty Hemmer (No. 7).


CHAUTAUQUA — Bill Jones led Wednesday’s Bill Sprague Memorial Golf League with a 37 on the front 9 followed by Carl Vandevelde and Bryan Rupczyk with 42s.

On the back 9, Craig Martin had a 39 followed by Len Culbreath and Mark Fisher with 45 apiece. Leading in points is the Ball Busters followed by Triple B.


FREDONIA — Sam Allesi’s scratch 36 and net 31 led the Gene Andolina League at Vineyards Golf Course.

Skins were earned by Mike Rosario at No. 5 and Sam Allesi at No. 6. Walt Koba was closest to the pin at No. 5, while John Lakas was closest at Nos. 3 and 9.

Scratch: Jeff Nelson 37, Dan Alessi 37, Keith Medley 38, John Rigal 38, Dave Criscione 38, John Lakas 39

Net: Kurt Wolnik 32, Jim Lucas 33, Phil Kleeberger 33, Ange Leone 33, Dave Criscione 34, Bob Patterson 35, Pete Criscione 35, Tony Antolini 35, Tom McTigue 35, Zeke Curtain 35, Phil Hopkins 35, Mike Crise 35, Bob Welch 35, Bob Tripp 35, Mike Rosario 35, Phil Leone 35, Steve Lundine 35, Mark Gugino 36, Jim Sedota 36, John Lakas 36, Keith Medley 36, Rick Bauza 36


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