Gowanda Elementary names their Students of the Month

Bill Smoke Jr.
Anyistin MacLeod
Triston Batcho

GOWANDA — To promote a positive school community, Gowanda Elementary School emphasizes commendable core values each month. Congratulations to the following students who “got caught” displaying these values to their fellow classmates in February.

Kindergartener Bill Smoke Jr., a student in the classroom of Mrs. Ventresca, got caught displaying Teamwork by helping Mr. Insera with the trays at breakfast. We appreciate your being a part of the team, Bill!

First-grader Anyistin MacLeod, a student in the classroom of Mrs. Bull, got caught displaying Determination as she never gave up when the work got hard. Anyistin is a classroom leader and is always ready to learn. “Determination always finds a way.” ood job, Anyistin!

Second-grader Triston Batcho, a student in the classroom of Mrs. Bylbie, got caught displaying Respect by working hard and staying focused on his work. Triston always listens to directions the first time. That’s a great show of respect towards your educator and studies, Triston!