Singer/songwriter Jim Giatas announces new website

Jim Giatas

Contemporary Orthodox Christian singer/songwriter, Jim Giatas, has created a new non-commercial website to replace his former site at host Indieheaven (which ceased operations this spring). All of Jim’s albums and individual songs are available to hear and to download in complete Mp3 versions for free. “I hope people will find blessings in my music.”

Jim’s new website is http://www.jimgiatas.com.

Jim was at Woodstock in August 1969 and after having explored various “new age” eastern philosophies, as well as Roman Catholicism and Protestant Evangelical and Pentecostal beliefs, has come full circle to embrace the historic Holy Orthodox Christian Church where he was first baptized. “I simply grew tired of running into so many dead ends. I am truly thankful to come home to the historic Orthodox Christian Church that the Lord Jesus founded in 33 A.D.,” he said.

Jim writes, records and plays all of the instruments on his recordings as well as singing all of the vocal parts. Unlike most music being made today, Jim does not use computer pitch correction or maximum compression to sound like most everything else produced today. “I like all all the little — and not so little — imperfections that keep my music human and original,” he said.

Jim has recorded all of his music at home with very modest means. He requests that everyone should listen under headphones to bring out the best audio experience possible. Jim is an A.S.C.A.P. writer/publisher.