Jamestown Mobile Market receives Unitarian Church Award

On Sunday morning, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown will present the T. Richard Parker Award for Social Justice to the Jamestown Mobile Market for bringing fresh food to Jamestown neighborhoods not served by local grocery stores. Submitted Photo.

JAMESTOWN — The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown is presenting their 2020 T. Richard Parker Award for Social Justice to the Jamestown Mobile Market.

The ceremony will take place on Sunday, Feb. 16 from10:30 a.m. to noon, at the Unitarian Church, 1255 Prendergast Avenue, in Jamestown.

The Market is receiving the award for their volunteer work bringing fresh food to seven neighborhoods in Jamestown where healthy, fresh food from local farms is not available because of the absence of local grocery stores. This project especially helps poor and elderly people who do not have easy transportation.

The Parker Award was established in 1985 as a memorial for T. Richard Parker, a leader in the Unitarian Church of Jamestown. His wife, Patricia Appleyard Parker, wrote a column in the Jamestown Post-Journal for many years.

Recipients of the award are usually individuals whose volunteer work has not been widely recognized in other ways. The award carries a monetary gift from an endowment fund. A committee of church members decides upon the award recipient each year, after soliciting nominations from individuals and organizations in the area.

Past recipients of the award include:

¯ Anna May Cole, for her work in literacy education with prisoners

¯ Carol Adams and her husband, Rev. Bruce Buchanan, for their work on behalf of battered women and the racial minority population in Dunkirk

¯ Brian Willson, for his efforts to end U.S. military aid to the contras in Nicaragua

¯ Frances Taft, for her work to establish friendly links between Americans and the people of the Soviet Union

¯ Ronald Graham, for his work in the formation of the Jamestown Striders program

¯ Rev. Margaret Monroe-Cassel, for her work to build inexpensive housing for the poor with Habitat for Humanity

¯ The Ebony Task Force, for their efforts to help African-American children and to improve relations between the races

¯ Rev. Nicholas Rafael, for his work in founding Saint Susan Center

¯ Rev. Everett Seastrum, for his assistance to Spanish-speaking newcomers to the Jamestown area

¯ Gregory Raab, for his efforts to bring professional counseling to gay and lesbian young people

¯ Mary Ceci, for her work on behalf of mentally handicapped children

¯ Keith and Susan Blake, for their work in establishing an after-school tutorial program for underprivileged children

¯ George and Irene Lawn, for their work to prevent neighborhood deterioration in Jamestown

¯ Russell Tilaro, for his work in establishing programs to help people with AIDS in the Jamestown area

¯ Bill DeTally, for his efforts to establish better understanding and relations between the races in Jamestown

¯ David Shepherd, for his organizing work with several community organizations that serve the needs of disadvantaged people

¯ Robert Allison, for his efforts with the Chautauqua Watershed Conservatory in dealing with environmental pollution and conservation of natural habitats in Chautauqua County

¯ Gregory Peterson, for his initiative in establishing the Robert H. Jackson Center

¯ Jennifer Liuzzo, for her work in helping to create the Infinity music program for disadvantaged youth

¯ Northside Pride, for their efforts to organize their neighborhood in Jamestown to stop housing deterioration

¯ Helga Hulse, for giving piano and choir singing lessons to women inmates at the Chautauqua County Jail

¯ Jamestown Pride Society, for its efforts to end derogatory stereotyping of gay and lesbian people via community education

¯ Rev. Ruby Wiles, for her work in providing free children’s books to poor children

The UUCJ is located at 1255 Prendergast Avenue in Jamestown, with parking in the rear.


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