The victory over fear and death

We are moving quickly to the celebration of Holy Week and Easter. What a perfect time that we are celebrating this. Why? First, because last year we had to celebrate these events at home and separate from others. Secondly, our lives have been surrounded by fear. Jesus’ death and resurrection speaks to the fears in our lives. They speak about victory. Why is there so much fear around us? The ultimate reason is that our lives and the world around us are full of sin. Sin has destroyed our relationship with God, one another and the world of nature around us. Sin brings fear into lives in different ways but especially in two ways. First, the fear of death enters our lives which we have seen in abundance in the world and our community today. Secondly, because it seeks to get us to believe that as individuals we are in control, we are our own god, so to speak. However, whenever we are confronted by events or problems, like the pandemic, we are filled with fear because this “god” is not able to handle it. Jesus, who is King of kings and Lord of lords has conquered fear because he defeated sin and death.

On Good Friday, Jesus took our punishment for sin and paid the price for sin. His death is our victory over sin and therefore over death itself. Three days later God declared his Son’s payment for our sin as complete and raised Him on Easter. When we see and believe Jesus as Savior and Lord, you and I can be free from fear of any issue we face and free especially from the fear of death. Even though you and I still have to face death, we know that those who have Christ dwelling in them through faith have victory over death itself for on the last day we will rise and live eternally with Him.

This coming week, our Celebration of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection are events of victory for us. We invite you to come celebrate with the Body of Christ at St. Paul Lutheran on Temple St., Fredonia in person or Facebook Live at our Facebook page. On March 28 at 10:30 a.m. is our Palm/Passion Service; Maundy & Good Friday Services are at 7 p.m. and then our Easter Celebration is at 10:30 a.m., April 4. We ask everyone worshiping in-person to wear a Mask and sit a proper distance.

Come and celebrate victory!

Pastor Don Loos is the Vacancy Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran in Fredonia.


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